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If you are interested in downloading the complete guidebook, White Mountain Hikes; Legends, Mysteries and More, you can find it on via this link.

White Mountain Legends

Learn the history, legends, and mysteries of New Hampshire's White Mountains.  On the featured hikes you can find lost ghost towns and forgotten treasures, plus see the locations of many mysteries of the White Mountains.

These stories have been handed down to me from old timers or from research that I had undertaken exploring the mysteries myself.  

Featured legends from the full guidebook:

  • The Legend of Falling Mountain’s Prophecy
  • The Tragic Death and Burial Site of Nancy Barton
  • The Real Legend of Where Black Flies Come From
  • Mysterious Plaque of Betty Davis
  • The Family That Lived on the Side of a Cliff
  • Lost and Forgotten Waterfalls in Lincoln, NH
  • The Disappearance of Coppermine Residents 
  • Location of a Prehistoric Bird Cave 
  • NH Largest Cascade
  • Remains of the Biggest Little Logging Railroad 
  • The Last of the Virgin White Pines